In an effort to organize the site the results of each fund raising event are posted under the event headline.  The trip to DC did not take place because of last minute complications.  All news for April will be posted under this heading.
There is a message from John today...he would not be able to get through the tough times right now without the support of his mother, father & brother...his family and friends...and all the support he has received from the cards, letters & mail that have been sent.  His words "I can't thank you enough".  
John is still amazed at each and every event.  He still has the same tone of awe as he had for the first event and each event that has followed.  The community of people that have shown support is AMAZING.  On 3-26-11 at the Putnam Lake VFW, his aunt, Michele Coyle-Hughes stated "I think he is going to AMAZE all of us and some day he will walk home and he will be the epitome of everything that is in the spirit of the evening.  It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to nurture a hero and that's exactly what has happened." 
I was contacted today by Linda White, the owner of the SEARS HOMESTORE in Amenia, she wanted to know how she could get a donation MONEY JUG for her store.  Her exact words "I am from a military family myself and would find it an honor to be able to support and help out one of our heroes and his family by placing a Money Jug in our store."  I hooked her up with our very own Dawn Simon and so it grows.....
Just a clarification...all addresses listed under CONTACTS and MAIL FOR JOHN are current...John & Ben are at Mologne House and mom and dad are at Mologne House Hotel...seperate buildings ...all on the same Walter Reed Campus. 
If you click on the arrow next to the HEADING on the left under NAVIGATION I have updated and added information.
John & Ben Curtin's current address:
ROOM 219                            CORRECT ROOM # IS 219 NOT ROOM #2
WASHINGTON, DC  20307-5001
TWO more events posted under fund raising..4-9-11 Beacon, NY & 4-25-11New Milford, CT
John is in room 219 not room 2 at the Mologne House
***NEW EVENT POSTED*** May 07, 2011 American Legion Post #178, Millerton, NY
Monday 4/4/11 Bernard, Ben and John participated in a Texas Hold Em Game.  No money involved but the top 8 winners get a prize.  Bernard got a gift card, Ben came in 6th with a $50. win and John came in 4th with a $75. win.

Thursday 4/7/11 Bernard and John went to a Ballroom Boxing Event.  At the end they lifted John up out of his wheelchair and carried him into the ring and then 2 men carried him all around the ring while they played "I am proud to be an american".  They thanked John and all the troops.  It hit John hard and it was very emotional for him.  There was no camera at the event, it would have been great to capture it on film but it is a memory he will carry with him for the rest of his life!
Walter Reed Hospital Center added above all contact information for John & Ben.
*****New address for Mary Anne under CONTACTS*****
John's REST &RECOVERY is just as important as his P/T, O/T and all the other appointments he attends throughout the day.  He is anxious to make progress and tries to do more than is expected while doing these activities leaving him fatigued. 
Family members text him to see if he is up to a phone call...sometimes he is & sometimes he is not...some family members have asked to come to see him & sometimes he says not right now.  We have worked very hard to leave John in charge of his time & his recovery.  It has taken work  for John to know that it is OK not to always make himself available and that he is loved just as much as if he were to be obliging all the time.  He is a "gentle giant" and it has taken work for him to be able to state what he is actually feeling without guilt or that he has made someone feel bad.  We continue to encourage him to be in charge of his journey and to be able to say what he needs and when.
Coming from a large Irish family it is usual practice for us to grab tissues for endless tears of laughter and uncontrolable fits of deep belly laughing.  We shamefully find humor in everything.  Send John the funniest card you have ever seen or the best joke you have heard in months...  
I did get a chance to talk on the phone with MaryAnne for literally 10 minutes.  During that 10 minute conversation she was interrupted 4 times.  All important stuff and things that need to be dealt with but I could hear the frustration in her voice that she could not even get 10 minutes.  This is daily life for mom, dad, John & Ben.  I reassured her at her request that we can be of the greatest help to all of them by doing what needs to be done here.  They feel like there is no time to breath...and we can best support them by taking care of business on this end.  John is having extreme difficulty with regard tothe TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) as stated by MaryAnne, he just doesn't remember things and goes to TBI sessions everyday.  I let her know that we will give them space and be available to all of them when they tell us what they need.  Right now they just need to keep up the pace of treatment, try to get rest whenever possible and take time to eat properly to keep up their strength and energy.  
We just got word that the part of our family that lives in NJ held a fund raising is posted under events already held because the date has past but will update that page when details filter in.....things are happening all over that we don't necessarily find out until after they have occurred....what great support that people are just coming up with ideas and running with it...glad to  be on this TEAM!

Raising Awareness for Military Families

First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have launched their first major initiative to raise awareness of the unique needs of our nation’s military families. They are calling on all Americans to do their part to make it easier for military families to serve their country.

In response to this call, AOL is providing an extensive collection of advice, resources and personal stories to help military families and inspire your support.

 Click on this link for information and articles regarding Military Families........
When you support this support John, his family, all the military and their your local government, your Legislator, Assemblyman, Senator & Governor.  Let them know how important this subject is to you as a citizen.  Let the voices be heard.
Just as I stated before there are moments of COMIC RELIEF...check out under PHOTOS Also photo of Actor Gary Sinise visiting with John as he does often with very many vets.

Yesterday (4-14-11) we went back to Bethesda MD NNMH to visit the new wounded warriors that have come in.  It is a weekly visit the volunteer wounded warriors make to help the new inpatients see that their injuries can be overcome and it's a pick up for them because they see how far they can advance, visiting with the warriors who have been in their position.  It is healing for the both the newly wounded as well as the visiting wounded.  John actually found someone from his own platoon in the hospital who also lost his left leg, he was able to visit with him and give him encouragement as well as learn how his brothers were doing in the country.  However, 3 of the vets who came with us had on their prosthetic legs and each one had a problem with them.  A little discouraging for John to see.  All this talk about new legs and I think he realizes now that it is not going to be as easy as it is laid out.  He will always need his wheelchair and the frustration of being in a chair is just so overwhelming for him.  The legs cannot really be worn all day and going up and down stairs is so difficult.  Also, his left leg still has problems and he may need additional surgery on it.  The bone tends to grow out and then it rubs inside the prosthetic and then additional surgery has to be done to remove that excess bone, this can turn into a life long problem.  He has only been casted for a prosthetic for his right leg so far but with the left leg not responding as well I don't see him getting up on that right leg with crutches to be any easy feat. The only thing he can think about is getting up on prosthetics and greeting his brothers when they get back home. 

Despite all of this John is physically doing better than most, and we are trying to focus on that.
Trying to maintain a positive attitude and move ahead.  It is not easy.   Keep praying for us, we need it.

Thank you for all your support it is so appreciated.

In order to help facilitate John's recovery and to better structure and organize things for both John and the family.....PLEASE contact MaryAnne Curtin at if you wish to make a trip to see John...she can relay your intentions to John and get feedback from him about the visit .  There is a furious attempt to give John some control over things when so much is out of his hands...thank you so much for understanding and supporting John in just one more way. 



The details for Senator Ball's Fund Raiser May 20, 2011 have been posted.

Check out the walking giant under "PHOTOS"!!